About Crueltyexposed

We at Cruelty Exposed would first like to thank Puppy Love Campaigns for entrusting us to continue their vital. work.

We will work closely with them and hopefully learn along the way.

We would like to thank the Puppy Love supporters that offered the same support for Cruelty Exposed this support will be needed if the fight against puppy farms is to continue.

We ask that you spread the word and continue to report any puppy farm concerns to us.

There is much more to do as we are sure you all know, Lucy's Law is already being abused as there was never enough thought put into how it was going to be policed, clear loopholes were there from the start which Puppy Love and others tried there best to highlight to no avail.

The current situation now has pet shops claiming to be rescue continuing to sell puppies and also puppy farm adult breeding dogs without treating any outstanding medical conditions they may have. No reputable rescue would do this, it is just another easy money making venture that people who have been trading in puppy farm puppies for years are taking advantage of.
They certainly don't have any regard for the welfare and conditions that thepuppies or their parents lived in and still continue to live in.

Some Puppy farms that have been exposed by Puppy Love Campaigns have been closed, others continue totrade despite being shown to be unfit hell holes.

The need for public awareness is now needed more than ever, we must all pull together to try and get the word out and stop the public funding this appalling trade.

We must lobby MPs for laws to protect puppy farm dogs.

The relevant local authorities must now step up or be held accountable for failing to enforce regulations and continuing to license unfit premises.

All of the above tasks can only be completed with your help. We are hoping you will support us with the same energy and determination you
gave to PLC.

We need you.The dogs need you. Let’s do this, let’s bring this hideous and cruel trade to an end

Thank you

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