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The Pytchley Hunt go to desperate lengths to Kill

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Hunt Saboteurs Association News Release 25th July 2016

The Pytchley Hunt go to desperate lengths to Kill

 Our third compilation of undercover footage shows the Pytchley Hunt bolting a fox with a terrier to be chased by the hounds.

The footage starts with the hunt having chased a fox underground. The terrier men send a terrier down after it to flush it out. Once the fox is above ground and running, the huntsman puts the hounds back on the scent and they continue to chase it. Every single action in that sequence is illegal.

In the second half of the video, a fox has taken refuge in a pile of farmyard junk after being chased by the hounds. Various members of the hunt try to extricate the fox, including the huntsman and whipper-in. Fortunately this fox escapes despite the hunt's best attempts to kill it.

 Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, said: 'This footage shows both the huntsman and the whipper-in of the Pytchley breaking the law. They are both employees of the hunt and would only behave in such a way with the express permission of the Masters and the hunt committee. The Countryside Alliance always claim it is rogue elements who break the law, but this footage clearly shows it is officially sanctioned behaviour.

We are pleased that the Pytchley Hunt were forced to pull out of Countryfile Live due to their illegal activities. We also look forward to hearing that Maidwell Hall School will no longer host them. There can be no place for hunting in a school.

Why have the Countryside Alliance and the Masters of Foxhounds Association not condemned these atrocities and announced an independent enquiry, as they have done in the recent South Herefordshire case? Until this happens, the whole hunting community is complicit in these acts

Three Merseyside men banned from taking hunting dogs into Lancashire

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Three Merseyside men have been banned from entering Lancashire with hunting dogs after being caught poaching hares.

James Reid, 31; Neil Walsh, 29 and Liam Doherty, 26, had already been the subject of a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) for Hunting Act offences which banned them from entering an 36,000 acre area of Downholland and Halsall with a sight-hound - the type of dog used for hare-coursing - or being with any person in that area with a sight hound.

They were each given an 18-month ban after being found entering farmland with four dogs with the intent of hunting brown hares.

In February the three men were found on land in Burscough, outside their prohibited area, but were summonsed for daytime poaching offences.

In April Walsh, from Bootle, was found in Altcar with his dog in the prohibited area.

He pleaded guilty to the two offences in June.

Reid, from Bootle , and Doherty, from Crosby , pleaded guilty to their poaching offence.

Lancashire Police applied for an extension of their existing Criminal Behaviour Order which was approved by Preston Magistrates Court.

The order has seen Walsh banned from being in the entire county of Lancashire a sight-hound, unless travelling in motor car on the motorway network, or being with any person with a sight-hound in Lancashire for a period of five years.

Reid and Doherty were given the same conditions for period of three years. All three were also fined.

A statement on the Ormskirk and Burscough Police Facebook page said: “This is the third CBO Lancashire Police have been granted and sends the strongest message to poachers and hare coursers that their barbaric behaviour will not be tolerated and we will use all the tools at our disposal.”

Grab Your Video Cameras And Smartphones

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Hunt monitors, hunt saboteurs and members of the public this is a call to arms. Hunting a wild mammal with dogs is illegal in the UK .

We are proud to live in a country where animal cruelty of this kind is deemed to be unacceptable to the majorty of the public.

Monitoring your local hunt is a full time commitment, hunt monitors will be out monitoring hunts tomorrow and whenever necessary to ensure that the hunting ban of 2004 is adhered to. We will continue to provide the appropriate information to the police.  

If you see illegal hunting grab your camera, record the events if safe to do so, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and report it to the police.

Stop this from happening again

More violence from Crawley & Horsham as cubbing season starts

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Window smashed by the Crawley & Horsham

Less than one week after the violence at the Blackmore and Sparkmore Vale hunt, you would be thinking that the Countryside Alliance would have advised hunts to keep a low profile. If so it has not sunk into the low intellects of the Crawley & Horsham hunting set.  No sooner had hunt sabs turned up then one of their riders smashed the windscreen of the West Sussex hunt Sabs vehicle with their riding crop, with no provocation.

C&H Hunt Cubbing season September 2014

As there was no indication of any trail being laid hunt sabs proceeded to disrupt what was clearly an illegal hunt taking place, as indicated by the rider’s violent attack.

Sussex police arrived tardy as usual and proceeded to make vague suggestions that it was acceptable for hunters to assault hunt saboteurs if found off the footpath, no arrest were made even following the culprit of the damage being identified.


 Police inaction after Crawley and Horsham hunt violence

The hunt packed up after less than two hours with no kills.

Despite the criminal damage and threats of violence, hunt sabs will continue to attend this hunt who has the most convictions of illegal hunting in the country, something the police should perhaps take into consideration in future policing.

story from , CrueltyExposed will be posting more on this shortly. 

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